FEC News

Fiellberg’s Electric cylinder is a versatile and efficient actuator that combines the power of electricity with hydraulic technology to facilitate controlled linear motion in various applications. Unlike traditional hydraulic cylinders that rely on a single high-pressure motor pumping pressurized fluid over long distances to multiple cylinders through pipes leading to energy loss, electric hydraulic cylinders utilize an electric motor to drive a hydraulic pump, generating hydraulic pressure to actuate the cylinder.

These cylinders find applications in diverse industries such as Maritime, manufacturing, construction, and automation, offering precise control over movement and force. The integration of electric components enables programmability, remote operation, and seamless integration into automated systems. This technology provides a reliable and energy-efficient solution for tasks requiring controlled linear motion, making it an asset in modern industrial processes.

You can read leaflet here.

New Employee News

Amith Nair has joined Fiellberg as a Mechanical Design Engineer. He is responsible for designing, drafting, and pricing of cylinders. Amith has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and 3 years of work experience in the automation and marine industries.

New Fiellberg hydraulic cylinder series FTS 5 is now available for downloading

Fiellberg has completed a new range of cylinder series at Solidcomponents to complement our NTS 6-series for industrial applications and our FMS-series for marine and offshore applications.
The new FTS 5-series is mainly engineered for mobile applications, but it can be also used in non-demanding industrial applications. FTS 5 has a simple yet robust construction, and it is also the cheapest alternative of all of our cylinder series.

You can find the new configurator here. 

The Fiellberg family has once again gained a new member:

Heikki Eskonen has joined Fiellberg as a Research Engineer. Based in the Vantaa head office, Heikki will be responsible for the R&D of our new prototypes and he will be taking an active hand in our research projects.


Heikki has a long history of research work that comes with a wide range of experience on designing and manufacturing experimental apparatuses for multiple projects, ranging from thermodynamics to hydraulics.


One of his current tasks is working on the joint action  Nanothrust project with the Aalto University, which will suit him more than well as he has a long history of working with the aforementioned institution.


We welcome our new member to the growing Fiellberg family!