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About Us

The name of our company first appeared during the 18th. century when Petter Jöransson, a direct ancestor of our managing director and founder of the company Juha Elonen, was drafted to the Swedish army as a dragoon and was given the nom de guerre (soldier name) Fiellberg in the process; A name that was for whatever reason kept in the family for a few generations.

The Fiellberg name itself obviously doesn’t bear much relation to the company’s current day affairs beyond being perhaps the first recorded instance of the family’s long history of working internationally – though perhaps a bit less forcefully these days.

When it comes to hydraulics themselves Fiellberg are heirs to a long tradition. Reijo Nurmi founded his company Konepaja Reijo Nurmi Oy during the fifties, being one of the first people in Finland to produce the rather new technology that was the hydraulic cylinder. The company evolved over time with many different names, adding new product developments and designs in its arsenal over a period of six decades. Cylinders, torque motors, bogie drives, slide tubes and spares and replacements of thereof – if it involved hydraulics, Nurmi could supply it.

The company eventually culminated as Nurmi Hydraulics Oy, being a quite well-known and prestigious company that had spread out of Finland to work on a global scale with several subsidiaries all across the world. However, by 2015 the cylinder markets, especially the marine and offshore ones, had gone down significantly and eventually Nurmi filed for bankruptcy, ending its sixty-year old career.

Fiellberg rose from the proverbial ashes of Nurmi, as not only are almost all of our people former Nurmi employees, we have also bought the rights and drawings formerly owned by them. With roots reaching back half a century and a more streamlined and effective company structure facing towards the future, Fiellberg is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Old knowledge and new innovations are what Fiellberg is truly about.