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Spares & Nurmi Products

In addition to completely new projects Fiellberg provides a full range of replacements and spare parts, ranging from plugs to complete cylinders. Our decades of experience will help you get the correct parts quickly and efficiently, no matter how rare a part is required. The original item can have been produced by any manufacturer, we can make replacements based on main measurements only.
Looking for replacements to or for your old Nurmi cylinder? Fiellberg is your answer. Not only do we own the rights to the former Nurmi Hydraulics’ designs, but we also have a comprehensive library that contains every single drawing and sales record from the past fifty years made by them: If you have ordered it from Nurmi in the past, we will find it for you today.
Unsure about the parts you need? Help us help you by giving us additional information when inquiring about spares: Drawing- and project numbers marked on the cylinder will tell us the make and the model of the spare you want instantly.