COVID-19 Statement – 02 April 2020

Our companies have been left relatively unaffected by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic and its effects, and business continues as usual.

Our Finnish branches are operating normally, though our personnel are currently mostly working from home. This has no effects on services provided by us and we can be contacted through Email or called as usual. Finnish government hasn’t set up any quarantine controls on the movement of goods within the nation, so deliveries to, from or within Finland remain unaffected. Our native suppliers are still working with almost full capacity.

Fiellberg Fluid Technologies (Dalian) is operating normally in China, the city of Dalian having mostly averted the effects of Covid-19. Our factory is working at full capacity without delays or shortages in sight. Any restricting quarantine controls that were held in the city are now over and life continues as normal.

The most mentionable problem we currently face is with logistics companies, as especially the amount of air freight available has been drastically reduced which may increase delivery times. Currently land and sea freight are working as usual, though this may change at some point. If you use your own logistics company for deliveries please inquire their current status from them.

Should any major changes happen to our situation we will inform you on this page. Now however, our work continues as usual and we will be just as available to you as on any other day.